Farm Interns

Maha Farm, a small farm enterprise on south Whidbey Island, is looking for 1 or 2 interns to work in organic farming and forestry. Located in beautiful Puget Sound, Washington this farm is in its 9th year of operation. We farm about 2 acres and maitain a forest of about 40 acres. The farm provides weekly produce for about 12 CSA subscribers and weekly sales at the local farmers market and restaurants. We enjoy introducing our interns to organic food growing and living sustainably.

This opportunity will include:

– training in organic food production
– information on cooking and nutrition
– marketing experience
sustainable forestry lessons in a 20 year old forest and wetlands
– possible weekends in Seattle, for work or pleasure

Job requirements:

– 20 hours per week of gardening work including planting, harvesting, weeding, mowing, irrigating, etc. as needed
– Limited experience acceptable
– at least a two month commitment to internship activities and lessons
– (optional) current driver’s license and ability to drive a stick shift (for transporting produce)
– a strong work ethic and ability to lift 40 pounds


We are able to provide room and board. We have a new farm house with lots of room as well as a couple of out buildings (without plumbing) that could provide more private space. Many of the nutritious, delicious meals will be vegetarian, though we accept cooking meat also. We can provide ferry tickets and limited gas money for travel off island. We can also provide a computer and free on line access.

Note from a past intern, Evrim:

Organic has become the popular catch word to denote good, fresh, whole foods. Thus, it is known as the agriculture practice which shuns all chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and hormones in an era when even the simplest of foods comes to the table processed and full of harmful substances. And though it is true that Maha Farm is an organic farm seeking to give fresh whole foods and vegetables directly from the land to the people – it is organic in more ways than just the popular use of the word permits.

The farm is organic in the sense that it is growing right out of the forest on Whidbey Island. In the sense that its layout, growth, and order do not seem to be mechanical or contrived but rather intuitive and natural. And I am not the first to say it. More than one friend has marveled at the manner in which the garden itself has grown out of the earth, its structure and flow due in large part to its head gardener Anza.

And so I’ve found that organic is a word that could ring true for the sense I have with all the friends and family of Maha Farm. Natural, fresh and so, of course, open to change. Everyday is full of change according to the season. As it is summer we are busy with the activities of moving this, planting here, sprouting this and pruning there. It is the beginning of a new time, a move, for the family of Maha Farm we are also establishing a home – working around the house to build a beautiful nest.

The dictionary gives one definition of organic as “simple, healthful, and close to nature.” As an intern it was this that I was looking for – an organic experience. And although there has been alot of movement and sometimes hectic schedule, in many ways, for me, it is easy to find that experience here, especially out in the garden, where you are close to nature doing healthful work, making healthful food and thus having the opportunity to be simple.